Monday, April 20, 2009

"How to cast a spell or curse on someone"

A spirit told me that some user want to know
"How to cast a spell or curse on someone"
First of all thus are two different things as i said in the article the main differences between curses and spells .
There is a difference between cast a curse and cast a spell.
the spell are verses and rituals.
casting a curse can be spell or ritual or can be only a word
upon the anger.
For example a gypsy can curse you with his words. but he can
curse you with a ritual (in that case you are fucked
up except if you ask for my help).
now lets say that you want to curse someone with a ritual.
there are many ways to do that.
In other article i told you about the cursing templates.
there are also other ways.
for example by the creation of thought form or by coursing during meditation
or with a ritual or a combination of those.

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  1. i am a thrid generation gypsy and proud of it